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Author, Enlightener, Life Coach, and Soul Guide

I aspire to meet each person where they are in their life. Not being deterred and separated due to differences in religion, thought, views and culture but connected by faith in the Divine Creator of us all. We are each souls finding our way back home.

Tonya EL

What People Are Saying

"Have you ever had someone enter your life that was a pure blessing? Since coming under the healing power, coaching and direction of Rev. Tonya EL. my life has changed for the better and will never be the same. Tonya was just who I needed in my life to get me through the publishing process of my book and the heart break of my divorce. By applying the healing strategies and techniques she recommended to me I was able to put my past behind me and forge a new path and outlook rooted in the deepest and most positive desires for my life. I was able to strengthen my relationship with myself and reclaim my focus. I strongly recommend her healing, coaching and, direction if you want healing, happiness and, success to come flooding into your life. Truly a woman one can put confidence in. Thanks for helping me along my journey."
Ramona J
Brooklyn, NY
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New Book! Seeing Beyond 2020

"Only a few paid attention in 2017 when I wrote "the Trump-et had sounded". This world is built on manifested illusions that are coded. Learn to see beyond what is in front of you." -Tonya EL

In my new book “Seeing Beyond 2020” I offer a look at the year 2020 from a spiritual and metaphysical angle.

Book publishes December 14, 2020. Preorder your copy now to receive it at the prelaunch special price of $9.99.

Book is $9.99 plus $3.95 for shipping within the USA. Preorders will ship the 2st week in December.

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LIFE with Tonya EL Podcast

Life is the one thing we all have to experience from our first breath until our final heartbeat. LIFE with Tonya EL provides conversations about life with an array of people who will share their life stories, journeys, lessons, and offer solutions. I am Rev. Tonya EL, an interfaith minister, author, and soul guide here to help you on your life journey.