I know how wounded souls struggle with self-confidence, trust, and relationships. I assist wounded souls on their healing journey back to self.

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I am Tonya EL

CEO of Temple of Perfection, LLC, and owner of the online platform/magazine Plus Size Wellness. I am a Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Basu (Yoga Instructor), Certified Personality Assessment Evaluator, Certified NLP Practitioner, Author, Podcaster, and Ordained Interfaith Minister. As a domestic violence thriver and adoptee, I know how it feels to struggle with self-confidence, trust, and relationships. It is my mission to assist wounded souls on their healing journey back to self.

Certified and here to assist you.

coaching, healing, CREATING

I provide empowering coaching and tools that make it impossible for my clients to do anything except win!

Plus Size Wellness

PSW is an online magazine and platform spreading self-love, body positivity, and wellness. 

Temple of Perfection

TOP offers coaching to assist you with your journey through this perfectly imperfect world.

Technically Tonya

Providing content creation, both digital and print. Also monthly web maintenance services.

Digital Shop

Our online shop that sells digital products and virtual services for the mind, soul, and spirit.

digital journals

Digital journals, workbooks, and ebooks to assist you with achieving your goals.

Now more than ever people are in need of comfort, healing, and a reconnection to that higher source of their understanding (God). Get Lifted: Interfaith Chants, Affirmations, Meditation, and Prayers offers what the title suggests plus more. The book’s author Rev. Tonya Keatz EL includes information on the essence and effectiveness that can be found when utilizing each individually or in combination.

books i have written

I write books to assist with healing wounded hearts and souls.

HEAL Beyond the Pain of Your Past: Let That Sh!t Go

What issue of your past do you need to heal from? Heal Beyond the Pain of Your Past: Let That Sh!t Go! by Tonya Keatz EL offers tips and exercises to assist you with the process of healing your wounded soul.

HEAL Beyond the Pain of Your Past: Tamar

What happens in one minute, can take many years to overcome. I wrote this book for all of those silent voices, and hidden secret boxes, that need to be unlocked, released, healed, and shared.

Awaken Love: Heal from Hate and Emotional Wounds on Your Soul

Within each chapter are a series of exercises for the reader to work. The exercises are meant to assist the reader with recognizing and acknowledging any hate, bitterness or intolerance that may be present in their life. 

How to Love When It's Easier to Hate

This book is a must read for everyone. Especially, those who are for love and desire to see love illuminate the world. For Love is truly the savior of the world.

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